Tuesday, May 12, 2015

Exactly the Kind of Weekend I Needed

I popped out to my mom's for the weekend and despite my complaints about "needing time for myself", this past weekend was exactly what I needed.

I took care of more little tasks Friday evening and Saturday morning than I would have accomplished all weekend, had I stayed home.

Little things, like "laundry" were done and over with before I sat down with my morning smoothie Saturday morning.

Medium things, like vacuuming out the accumulation of "winter grit and grime" from the car and giving it a minor dusting and polishing felt like I had moved a mountain. Maybe only a hill.

Harder things, like taking the car in for an oil change as I headed out of the city got done instead of put off until another day.

I tidied up the house before I left. Nothing big. Just vacuuming, sweeping and generally leaving the place in a condition that was ready for my upcoming work week upon my return home on Sunday.

I noticed the yard needed some TLC but I didn't have time for that. Instead, I placed it on my Mother's Day Wish List.

My fairy godmother did not drop by while I was gone and grant my wish but instead, I received the gift of "early pick-ups" yesterday. All of my daycare family was picked up by 5:00 and I had the lawn mower and weed eater at-the-ready. I started mowing by 5:00, the job was complete by 5:55 and I was sitting down to watch Dancing With the Stars by 6:00.

I could have dragged "all of the above" out, over the course of the weekend and little jobs would have taken on a bigger feeling.

Instead, I just kept nicking away at the pile and nothing felt too onerous or heavy.

Add onto that "lightening of the load" feeling, the fact that I savored the solitude of eleven hours of driving without speaking. Thoughts wafted in, out and through my mind like a spring breeze. Songs played on the radio that brought me back in time and I sat and enjoyed the memories of where the music took me.

After I my quota of alone time was met, I arrived at my destination. I filled up the car before I got to Mom's so my car and I both arrived on Mom's doorstep on "full".

Our visit was light and easy. There has been so much "heaviness" lately that we were ready for an easy, laid back visit.

My brother and his family wafted in and out my time at Mom's. Mom suggested we go for a "morning drive" Mother's Day morning and we met my brother for breakfast an hour out of the city, in a homeward bound direction for me.

I take these little things for granted. I know I do. The ability to pick up the phone and surprise Mom with a Mother's Day visit and her wistful suggestion of a "breakfast in Vegreville".

Only a few short months ago we were sitting at a fork in the road and had no idea which road was going to open up for us.

I like the road we are on. It is old, it is familiar but it is oh, so comfortable. I've said it before and I'll say it again. I like my comfortable, worn out ruts. Nothing much has changed but oh so much has happened to bring us back to this warm and familiar place.

There is no place like home! Thanks, Mom.

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