Friday, May 8, 2015

I Despise Change!

I am going to sound like a crotchety old geezer here, but maybe it is the truth. I despise change!

I stayed up until the wee hours of the evening (almost midnight) last night transferring the last of my computer files off our old computer and onto my new laptop.

As the moments passed I started to panic.

What if I spill coffee on my laptop? What if I drop it as I am carrying it around? What if I decide to bring it with me if I am going on a bit of an extended vacation and I forget it somewhere? What if someone steals it? What if, what if, what if ...

Maybe I don't want a laptop after all!

Yesterday morning, we took our new double stroller out for a spin. I have MacGyvered the old stroller every which way I could, to make it last as long as possible. But when two of the tires fell off their rims when we walked through a bumpy alley the last time we went for a walk, I knew the time had come.

I don't like the "seatbelts" on the new stroller - they only go around the kid's waists. It is smaller. There isn't as much leg room as we walk and my new little walker kept on walking into the moving wheels, grinding our walk to a halt. It feels flimsy.

I searched high and low for this stroller and ended up ordering it from the States. I paid $90.00 in shipping/handling, U.S. exchange and duty fees, on top of the $45.00 price tag for the stroller itself, and it was still cheaper than anything I could find that was remotely close to it in Canada. And I'm afraid it isn't going to last. Then what am I going to do??

I am not loving the new way I must take pictures now either.

Sure enough, my cell phone survived its swim in the toilet. All functions work except for the ability to download the photos I take, onto the computer. I take a lot of pictures. They help me recap our daycare days as I blog about what we do on a daily basis. The pictures help me on so many levels.

Now, I have to tote around my phone (it is also my watch and how my parents contact me) plus a bulky little camera. It is easier to leave the camera at home if we leave the premises. I have had to relearn how to download those photos onto my new computer.

All of this new stuff is pushing my limits!

I could look at getting a new phone, but unless I could get one exactly like the one I have right now, that would mean more learning and adjustments.

Then there is my Magic Bullet. My old one outlasted the cups (the tabs which make it work all eventually broke off), so I bought a new Magic Bullet and just used the cups. Not the Bullet, itself.

Then came my Kitchen Clean Up. I thought it was silly to have two Magic Bullets, so I brought in the new one and stored the old one. "What if the new one breaks??" the little voice inside of my head screamed. I couldn't dispose of it permanently.

And the new Bullet did break. A week or so into my New Bullet Adjustment, the cup got stuck in the Magic Bullet mechanisms and I couldn't release it. My morning smoothie was all ready and waiting for me. But it was stuck, upside down in the Bullet.

Thankfully, it was a one-time incident. But the new Bullet is not quite the same as the old one. I haven't learned to trust it yet.

I have my favorite cookie sheets that have been browned beyond recognition. But I don't think they make them any more. So I keep the old ones. I have some shiny new ones in the cupboard but I don't trust those either.

Don't even get me started about changing my hair stylist. I have already said too much (in my "Hair Drama" post). So of course I have issues with changing doctors or vets!

I have already written about my resistance to change here, here and also here.

I sit here, writing this post on my new laptop computer at my old desk, with my old keyboard and mouse doing the work. I am considering placing the laptop on the high shelf of the desk (away from all liquids) and hooking up the monitor so I can fool my brain into believing nothing has changed.

Change is hard. But it is necessary. I know.

I'm just not in the mood to be challenged.

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