Monday, May 25, 2015

One Thing at a Time

"You can put your mind in order by focusing on one thing at a time. 
You can put your environment in order by clearing out the old and useless things that are taking up space. 
You can put your spirit in order by replacing fearful, doubtful, angry thoughts with thoughts about the grace of God." 
~ Iyanla Vanzant

I read this quote yesterday morning and decided to follow that mantra for the day. 

"One thing at a time".

I have become so scrambled, disjointed and feel like I have a "bazallion" things to start, to finish and to do. It is not unusual to find my to-do-piles strewn about the house. 

Yesterday was no different.

An income tax job I must complete was set out on the kitchen table. Some interesting "historical" budgeting and net worth statements were on the opposite end of the table. My current financial work was piled on the corner of the computer desk and a few addressed envelopes sat adjacent to my bank book as they awaited their finishing touches.

I sit down at the computer and it is not uncommon for me to open a Word document, an Excel spreadsheet (or three), find the need to open up a picture file and at least three "Windows" seem to be open on my browser at all times.

All of this clutter sat in front of me and all I could think of was the movie I wanted to watch.

I closed all the Windows on the computer and exited from every other document I was perusing. I filed away the paperwork on the kitchen table.  

I grabbed my cup of coffee and sat still to watch a movie. My cell phone, our house phone and the iPad were all out of sight and out of my reach. 

I turned off the world and turned on the TV.

I decided to do only "one thing at a time" yesterday. I chose to watch TV. 

I walked into this weekend thinking of the remainder of things on my to-do-list from last weekend. One of those items was "four more movies to watch".

This past weekend, I watched three movies. And it was good.

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