Thursday, May 7, 2015

So Many Thoughts, So Little Time

I woke up just before my alarm this morning and I got up at the time it was actually set for (my bedroom clock is presently twenty minutes fast because every time the power goes out, the battery not only restores the time, it adds five minutes onto it).

I had time to respond to emails and send new ones. My favorite blog authors came out of hibernation and wrote words and essays "just for me".

Everything spoke to me this morning. Ping! Ping! Ping! I feel like a pinball wizard. Every word is hitting home.

Mother's Day is around the corner and I should be spending some of my daycare hours trying to find ways to honor the mothers in my midst. I am not quite certain how to do this without it becoming expected in the future. I am not always so inspired, so I hate to set a precedent I can't maintain.

I'd like to come up with some deep and thoughtful idea for my own mom. I have so many worn out old phrases, I'd like to find a new and improved way to honor her.

I have been given a reprieve on the "daycare front" this week and there have been cracks in my days where I can tend to unfinished business outside of my daycare world during the day. Taking a few items off of my to-do-list has released some excess energy.

Words, ideas and energy are starting to flow. This is not a guarantee they won't dam up again any time soon, but if I can keep up to some of these thoughts maybe they won't pile up on me again.

I also woke up to the news that there has been a schedule change for my "new guy" at daycare. He has not yet found his niche in our little family and keeping him happy and entertained &/or distracted is a full time job. So I must cut this short because I am quite certain today will not be a full-on daycare kind of day.

I think I'm ready.

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