Thursday, June 11, 2015

Little Problems, Big World = No Big Deal (sort of)

We were on the driveway, almost ready to go for a walk yesterday morning when I heard the sound of an engine and then the thunderous sound of wood crack, snapping and popping in our back yard. 

I was certain I would open the gate to find half the fence toppled over and laying on the grass. But this is all I found.

This monstrosity hit our fence. And this is where it still sits.

Unfortunately, it looks much worse from the alley because they hit the post that is holding up the gate and it took the brunt of the blow.

I guess that says a lot for the structural integrity of the fence, doesn't it? To be hit with a machine the that size and still be standing?!

My next question is: "Who do I trust to fix this?" Somehow the consolation I received from the guy who ran into the fence, "I will fix it within the next few days" seems to be "not enough" for me. I want an experienced fence-builder to do the job. Not the guy who knocked it down.

It is a little thing, but it was my biggest problem within my insulated little world yesterday.

I'm pretty lucky, aren't I??

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