Friday, July 24, 2015

Holiday Thoughts

Since I have already done all of my "holiday travelling" before my official holiday has begun, one would think there is little to look forward to. Oh how wrong one would be!

Every morning this week, I have climbed out of bed with running list of things to be done before my daycare day begins. Each and every morning, my feet have hit the floor with the mantra "Only four ... three... more morning to go ..."

During my holidays, I hope to wake up early and greet the day with great enthusiasm. But it will be a gift to know the day is my own. What I do, where I go and whether or not I spend the day alone with will be done out of choice. Not obligation.

It is all about the ability to choose.

During my holidays, I hope to accomplish minor feats around the house.

My Second Son has offered to help me kick-start some of these projects this upcoming weekend. We had talked about taking a road trip but I know I'm in a place where I would (finally) rather spend some of that money on our home. I could be wrong, but I think he may be in a place where he may not want to throw his money around either. I would hire someone to help me in a New York Minute but I would rather pay someone I know. So we will put our heads together, he will most likely provide the muscle power, the know how and perhaps the truck (?) to get what we need to do the job set out before us.

There are so many things that could be done around this house. Starting anywhere is better than sitting still. I am ready, willing and able to do something. Finally. My only hope is that the money doesn't run out before my ambition does.

I have an out of town "dinner theatre" date with my sister at the almost-midway-point of my holiday. It is not really a dinner theatre, but we are meeting for supper before a play. So the same thing. We shall eat, drink, visit, laugh and prepare to be entertained.

That will be followed with ONE day committed to appointments. All that is not-holiday-like must fall within that one day. I purposely booked all appointments on that one day, smack dab in the middle of my holiday so I had four uninterrupted days on one end of it, followed by five uncommitted days after that. The purpose for this, is to simulate the feeling of a two-week holiday.

I have absolutely no idea what will transpire after that one day of commitments. It may all depend on the progress that has been made in and around house-projects. If I get on a roll and things are happening, I may want to continue down that path. If I don't, there is always the option of running out to see my mom or take a day of pampering or reading or watching movies. I like those kinds of days. Just not too many in a row.

My Youngest Son has downloaded a computer mystery game which we plan to sit down and "solve" together and hopefully that is a catalyst to some holiday type activities to follow. I would very much like to do something holiday-like with him. I'm not exactly sure what that will be but I am hoping that the hours we spend solving a mystery together will lead us to where we next want to go.

I have friends who I have been neglecting. I hope there are enough days in the week to nurture those friendships. A lunch date? A coffee? A day trip??

I wrote those words and retrieved some gift cards and pamphlets for spa day, sent off an email, a Facebook message and I'm on my way to see how many "points" I have to go towards a hotel on my credit card.

Yup, the holiday thoughts are starting to flow. When I woke up this morning, it was just a trickle of thoughts. At the moment, it feels like the spring thaw.

So many ideas, so little time.

Breathe in. Breathe out. One. Day. At. A. Time.

It won't feel like a holiday if I try to do too much. I'm looking for the Goldilocks Time Zone during my ten days of holidaying. The time zone of "Just Right".

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