Thursday, July 16, 2015


The only history we have on our newest little cat, Jet, is this:

"Cat was under the hood of a vehicle that had been running. Coat is dirty, debris in ears, retained deciduous maxilary canine. Appears healthy."

That's it. But oh, the stories our new little kitty must have in his past.

He is the friendliest cat I have ever met in my life. He hugs and he literally reaches out and climbs from one set of arms into the next. He reminds me of a small child who is used to being handed off from one set of loving arms, into the next.

Speaking of children, I simply cannot believe the way he is with my daycare family. He runs up to greet everyone as they come in the door in the morning and then he stays and plays.

It doesn't matter what the kids dole out, he is up for it. He hopped into an empty plastic container, then the kids piled toys into it. And started pushing it around the house, with him inside of it. He loved it!

 Yesterday, we brought up a car mat, cars and car ramps. The kids were immediately drawn to the cars. Jet? He was interested in the car mat.

First, he sniffed it out thoroughly and my heart felt a quiet ache for the scent of "Andre" was most likely remained, deep within the fibres of the mat. Then he crawled under it.

Then, a lone little black paw crept out and stole a car from one of the kids.

When he got tired of playing under the mat, he came out and rested on top of the cars the kids had lined up ever-so-carefully.

I've had to child cat proof the kitchen cupboards again, after waking up to our kitchen garbage (which was under the kitchen sink) emptied out and spilled out onto the floor one morning. As I write, he is fighting with that very cupboard door and crying because it won't open any more ...

He loves the great outdoors. He is so unlike any cat we've ever gotten from the SPCA. Every other SPCA cat we have adopted has been so grateful to move out of their cage and into a regular home, that they showed absolutely no interest in ever venturing outside, to be caught and caged, ever again. Not Jet. He loves everything about nature and wide open spaces. 

He watched with amazement, as it rained outside. He was mesmerized by the rain running down the window and the outdoor scene that changed right before his eyes.

He has endeared himself to "Ray", our resident cat who preceded him. They play cat tag, they wrestle and tussle amongst themselves. Ray rarely cries anymore (Jet has moves that Andre never had and Ray had to learn how to free himself from the "mother move", where Jet bites and holds onto the scruff of his neck).

He loves us out loud and is the most untypical cat we've ever had. Life is an "adventure" to this lovable black furball.

I think he snuggled up to the cat fountain at first, because the hum of the fountain emulated a "purr" to him (??)
I'm not so sure why he cozied up to the toilet though. Perhaps, because it reminded him of the fountain, which reminded him of his mother's purr?
Sometimes, the only way you can get my attention is if you sit yourself down right in front of the computer screen. He then proceeded to fall "fast asleep".
It's hard work being a "cat". So after a long day, our newest cat toy nestles in among the blankets in the toy cupboards so he is well rested and ready for his next adventure.
When we went to the SPCA to consider adopting a dog, the last thing in the world I thought we would come home with, was a cat who embodied Andre in so many ways. He has Andre's spirit and then some. He looks and loves like our young, healthy Andre. He has Andre's sense of adventure and zest for life.

But he doesn't have Andre's monster purr. I still miss that purr. But I am so grateful our little "Jet" found us and his way into our hearts and home

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