Tuesday, July 28, 2015

Revelling in Holiday Bliss

Ping! Ping! Ping! My brain feels like the ball in a pinball machine this morning. And I think I like it.

I have been awake for an hour and it is going in a minimum of six different directions.
  • I have made an east-bound phone call (so it was a decent time for them to receive a call) and left a message. 
  • I have addressed an envelope and have a card and pen ready to go the minute I find my way back to the kitchen table.
  • I have found "inspiration" for a gift which is long, long overdue.
  • I have my Kijiji open to "painters", for a few projects I hope I can get started while I am still on holidays.
  • I have the final numbers I need to complete an income tax job which I have taken on
  • And I have meaning to sit down and blog since the moment the caffeine kick-started my morning.
Whew! What a relief. When my feet hit the floor this morning I had this overwhelming fear that I may waste the day which had not even begun.

I'm loving "holiday mode". Loving it (yes, Mom ... I love this feeling).

Two days of productivity within our home-space, with two of my sons at my side aiding and abetting me. They were two days of enjoying my family, as we worked together, ate together and two out of three of my sons accompanied me through most of my days. It felt like a mini family reunion, of the working/eating kind.

That was followed by yesterday. Yesterday was the day I crashed and burned. Not really, but yes. I kind of did.

I woke up with an agenda. I had a letter to write and mail; a return to make; and an errand to run. I made such good time, I decided to stop for a manicure/pedicure on the way home. Two days of working in the yard did a number on my hands and feet. I had compensated my sons for working throughout their weekend. I decided to "compensate myself" with a mani/pedi. And it was good.

Upon my return home, I called Mom but she didn't answer. I didn't want to start anything until I had talked with Mom so I sat down and turned on the TV. Then I woke up. Again and again and again.

I couldn't stay awake. Immediately I thought, "NO! This is not how you are going to fritter away your holiday!" So I called Mom again. This time she answered and we talked until we were talked out.

My son and I had plans to invest part of a day (or however long we wished), playing an online mystery game. So, as soon as my day's agenda was tended to we sat down together to play our game. The game itself didn't turn out so well. But the idea was a good one (so I opened ONE more tab on my computer screen, so add that to my bullet list above), so I think we will try another day.

So once again, I sat down in front of the TV and immediately fell asleep. Again and again and again.

I woke up to pick up supper for my son (I was still working on Saturday's lunch leftovers). Sat down and slept some more.

One last errand completed the day and I managed to stay awake for an hour after I came home.

I woke up this morning worried that today could be another wasted day. But I don't think I have time to waste this day ahead of me. There are simply too many things I want to do.

I love this thing called holidays. It is giving me time to work, play and rest. As a rule, I must choose "one of the above". My regularly scheduled life does not seem to have the time to revel in all three during my down time. I can fit in all three of the above, but I don't have time to revel in the sensation.

I love to put in a productive day when I am not ruled by the clock or the calendar and can just go as long (or as little) as I want. I love the feeling of putting a big task behind me. I love the satisfaction of doing something until it is done. I love sitting back and enjoying the view of a "job well done" (or done well enough).

I love having the time to stop and have supper with my boys. And talk with Mom for as long as she wants to chat. And the ability to call a friend on a whim and following the trail that conversation may lead.

And most of all, I love going to sleep and waking up in my own bed. I love being at home, staying at home and doing all the things that ground and sustain me. Cat Chat with my Youngest Son. Watching Cat Chases in the early morning. Sitting down with my morning coffee and going with the flow of the day.

And today is quite literally flowing.

It is raining outside. As long as the grass seed we planted on the weekend doesn't get washed away, Mother Nature is tending to my outdoor work so I can "play" indoors.

And that is exactly what I am going to do.

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