Wednesday, July 8, 2015

To-Do-Lists Are Boring

I had so many thoughts, words and ideas wafting through my brain on my drive home from Mom's a few days ago that I grabbed my phone and recorded them so I could write about them "the minute I got home".

Best laid plans.

You know how it is, when you walk in the door and life is sitting there waiting to greet you? Well that is how it was for me.

My Youngest Son had so many stories to tell about the trials, tribulations, worries, frustrations and cat tales while I was away. He should have written a blog about it.

My favorite line? He was telling me about bringing our New Cat home after his day (neuter) surgery and how New Cat just plopped down at the floor and looked up at my son with eyes that said, "My life is over."

We sat and chatted until the words ran out. When they did, I had unpacking and a lot of catching up to do. I had the entire day to do all that needed to be done so I just plugged along at an easy pace and did no more than I wanted to do.

Thus, I did nothing extra. All the extra stuff to do was sitting and staring me in the face when I woke up Monday morning. I have been doing "that stuff" ever since.

My to-do-list is shrinking. But I won a bonus day/evening. Mom will be arriving a day later than expected so I have an entire evening to tie up all loose ends before she arrives late the next afternoon. That bonus day felt akin to winning a lottery.

So last night I took my son to get a hair cut, then came home and went to bed.

Ahhhh. Sleep.

Sleep, added to one bonus day/evening combo equals a renewed spirit this morning. I could write about all the things I want to try to squeeze into the next few days but that is about as boring as reading a grocery list.

I am looking forward to the quiet that follows the rush of activity. Time to process all I have felt, seen and lived should equal something a little bit deeper than a to-do-list.

But this is all I've got for now. And really? It is a lot. Keeping my mind active equals "happy" to me. It is the quiet that gets me into trouble.

Happy Wednesday. May your mind have an actively content day today!

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