Tuesday, August 11, 2015

And Other...

I sent off an email this morning that had been minimized and unsent since Friday. I was thinking of abandoning one of my writing gigs but I didn't have the words to do so. So I let it sit.

I titled the email "July's invoice and other". I omitted "the other" stuff and sent it on its way this morning. As I watched it go I noticed the words "and other" but it was too late. It was already gone.

"And other..."

The words not typed seem to be haunting and taunting me.

The job I want to quit. But can't.

The doubts and fears sitting under the surface that I have that I haven't put words to.

Is it all "the other" stuff that is blocking the flow of words within?

It has taken the better part of an hour to write these few words. Maybe I should tend to some of "the other" stuff that is weighing me down today and come back at this tomorrow.

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