Monday, August 17, 2015

Hello, Monday (I'm ready for another weekend)

Sometimes the hardest things to do are those you sit still and think about, as you cannot summon the energy it requires to pull yourself off the couch.

That would be my yesterday.

I told myself I could take those quiet hours in the morning. I fell into the love seat and it wouldn't let me go.

I will do this until 10:00 I told myself. Then I saw the clock tick the hours after that away.

Some time after noon, I had a quick bath and crawled into my clean paint clothes. If I dress the part, I would act the part. Yes, the mere act of wearing my paint clothes would spur me into action.

Then the love seat summoned me again. Just one more episode of Grey's Anatomy. Just one ...

By 1:14, my eyes were heavy and I couldn't keep them open. I knew the day was a write off. I may as well enjoy it.

A half hour after that, I was redressed in my leaving-the-house clothes and I had made half an attempt to look awake. Yes, I would accept that coffee invitation. A cup of coffee would wake me up and motivate me.

Two cups of coffee later, I came home.

Still uninspired, I collapsed onto the love seat just one more time.

The supper hour came and went and the thought of cooking or thinking of food made me feel desperate and inadequate. "We need to eat!" my thoughts screamed to me.

I went downstairs and made a bargain with my son. Let's mow the lawn and then I'll scrounge up some supper.

The whole lawn-mowing thing made me cranky. And dirty. Our system of lawn-mowing didn't feel fair to me and I was quite angry after the fact. Angry and covered with grass fragments from whacking the weeds.

We renegotiated the whole "supper" thing and I ended up getting out of cooking but had to go and finish mowing the lawn after my shower.

Grumble, grumble, grumble.

What a waste of a perfectly good Sunday!

On the flip side, I woke up at 5:00 this morning and painted that bathroom cupboard which has been taunting me for the past two weeks. It took a half hour from start to clean-up. Why in the world didn't I accomplish that feat yesterday??

The down side, is that I feel the desperate need to sit down and lose myself in another Grey's Anatomy episode.

Hello, Monday. I am so not ready for you.

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