Friday, September 18, 2015

A Shower Scene From Our Life

The only problem with our slightly made over bathroom renos is that I could not afford to go any further than a cosmetic touch up.

The yellow bathtub and almond tub surround had to stay. So my solution was to purchase a new shower curtain with a white fabric curtain to go outside the tub.

If I keep that curtain closed, the bathroom looks pretty good, if I do say so myself.



See what I'm talking about? Cheap fix, right? That's what I thought too. [Note: the pliers on the top of the toilet are to turn on the shower because that knob won't stay on]

The reason I am telling you this little story is because I have never closed the shower curtains "for cosmetic reasons" before. Our shower curtain was always wide open and closed only when necessary (i.e. when someone was having an actual shower).

The reason I told you that is because our laugh-a-minute new black furball of a cat has taken to hiding in the shower then popping out when I think I am in the bathroom alone.

I think it is his equivalent of some horror movie flick where the killer is hiding behind the shower curtain.

He pops out when I least expect him and I think he is thinking "Boo! I scared ya!"

Instead, our little (getting bigger with each new bag of cat food) black kitty makes me chuckle when I am sitting in the bathroom (almost) alone.

I have a pretty good life.

As I was having my morning chuckle, I thought of the many times I have laughed out loud in a room by myself lately.

I am either going a little bit crazy or I am happy in my quiet little world.

I choose happy!

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