Tuesday, October 6, 2015

Let Sleeping Cats Lie

I was ready, willing and able to hop out of bed before my alarm went off this morning. Except for one thing. No, make that two. Our cats.

Cat #1 hopped up onto the bed as soon as he knew there was a hand that was awake and willing to pet him. He is not a snuggler. He seeks out and finds affection. If there is no cat caressing to be found, he may stay and sleep a while. But more often than not, he hops off the bed and finds his own favorite place to rest.

Cat #2 jumped onto the bed some time later. His first job was to wash the first cat's face. He does this like his life depends upon it. He thoroughly washes his buddy's face and this usually leads up to a wrestling manoeuvre where he does a half somersault over top his cat sibling and then proceeds to "take him down".

This morning, there wasn't any wrestling. Our second cat walked over top me and headed for my feet. He loves to attack feet and if he can't get a good enough grasp of what he is after, he will nuzzle his way under the covers and go for a "sneak" attack.

I fully expected our feisty little kitty to bite my toes but he must have been tired. He nestled in for a little rest instead.

I was wide awake and could not drag myself out of bed this morning because one or the other was relaxed and enjoying the moments before my feet hit the floor and the spell is broken.

I could have done a lot with that hour. But sometimes? It is just best to let sleeping cats lie and enjoy the quiet moments of consciousness before the day takes over.

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