Saturday, October 17, 2015

Mindless Meanderings of my Mind

This morning marks the last day of a week where I have had to leave the house every night after my daycare day ended. Today I must leave the house to work but when I come home, I have NO WHERE to go. Yee haw!!

After speaking with an accountant who verified all I needed to know, I finally mailed off a thick, boring envelope of paperwork to my mom. It represents "I have done all I know how to do and here it is". All that remains of that work is a thick file which presently sits upon a table in the kitchen. It will disappear just as soon as I receive confirmation my work there is done.

The next night, I donated blood and I am off the hook there until December. The next time I go, we could be knee deep in snow and Christmas carols will be playing in the background of our lives.

The following night, my son and I went to the school, I met my son's teachers and listened to what they had to say. The next set of parent teacher interviews will not be until March. That snow we may be dealing with in December will still be around but we will be thinking spring is around the corner.

Our cat's nails have been trimmed. Again. I purchased another two bags of their gold nugget cat food. Again. That job is done for (hopefully) four weeks.

Today I must go to work. I have had two weeks off and the idea of spending the day catching up on bookwork is not weighing me down. While I am at work, someone is coming by to blow out our sprinklers. One more task crossed off the must-do-before-winter list.

Tomorrow is my reward for doing hard things and celebrating the lightness of my new load. I will open up all of the doors and windows and let the sun shine in and tell me all that needs to be done.

There are blinds and windows to be washed, ceiling fans to be dusted so I can reverse the fan for the winter. Has anyone (with a few cats and a house full of kids) besides me gone a few seasons without dusting those blades, then reversed the direction of a ceiling fan? Oh. Me neither.

I plan to pick up a paint brush and finish what I started two and a half months ago. Who am I kidding? I hope to paint the outside door thresholds and if I am very energetic, I will finally paint the inside casing of my son's new bedroom window. Hey, if I pick up a paint brush at all, I will consider that a win.

I'm tired of waking up to an eternal to-do list. Oh, that is called living? And actually, that is a sign of a very good life because it means your life has purpose?  You mean crossing four things off one list today means creating a list of eight more things tomorrow??

Oh, crap! Life is so complicated. What happened to just waking up in the morning and being happy with what you have? Hmmm. That sounds good too.

May you wake up feeling happy and cross a couple of things off your mental to-do list. Even if those two things are catching up on some movie or television watching. First things, first you know.

This started my day with a laugh out loud chuckle which resonated throughout this morning. So if you have gained nothing from reading this mindless post about to-do lists, may you find a little piece of happiness somewhere throughout your morning.

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