Thursday, October 15, 2015

One (hard) Thing Leads to Another

♫ One thing leads to another ♪...

I finally crossed "one hard thing" off of my to-do list yesterday. The task of adding names to land titles has been signed, commissioned and faxed as of about 2:30 yesterday afternoon. That job is done, Over. Complete!

And do you know what I did next? Minutes after my fax transmission was sent and I received confirmation that the paperwork was received, I jumped right back in with both feet and started asking questions about the "next hard thing" on my list.

Just when you think you can't do anything, you realize you can. You really can!

And that is when you jump right back into the icky, sticky, gooey mess you just climbed out of and start all over again. This time, with a little more confidence and a lot more knowledge.

It is easier to do one hard thing after another. If life becomes too easy, we forget what we are capable of.

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