Sunday, November 8, 2015

I Feel Something Happening Here

I walked into the kitchen this morning with Terk's voice (Rosie O'Donnell) from the Tarzan movie singin' it to me. ♪♫ Somethin's happenin' here ... ♪♫ 

I have camped out in the downstairs spare bedroom this weekend because I'm considering moving on down, to separate my living sleeping quarters from my daycare world.

The first night? Not so great. I didn't pack my ultra extravagant and expensive pillows because I was convinced they were not working for me. It turns out I was very wrong. Good to know!

Then there are the middle of the night cat chases which are very loud when the cats start skidding out on the laminate in the playroom outside my bedroom door. 

And, I didn't have the remote control buttons to the TV memorized, so not only did I have to turn on the lights each time I woke up, so that I could turn on the TV so I could fall back to sleep, but I had to physically walk up to the TV with the remote in my hand, to turn on the TV. So after three aborted attempts at failing to stay asleep the minute the TV turned off, I just turned it on and left it on. Only I am used to a tiny little TV lighting up my room at night. Not a huge screen monstrosity like the TV in (what I believe is now) my new bedroom.

My camp out in my potential new bedroom fuelled the embers to the fire I started feeding last week. I came home from work last night, gobbled down my supper and switched up two bedrooms upstairs. My old room is now the new TV/play room. The old play room is now a spare room. Or my new room if I back out of my plan to move downstairs. 

Phase three of this project is to get the TV out of the living room. I woke up this morning knowing with a glaring certainty, that this is the move that is going to change my world.

Yes, we have one television set for every boy, woman and cat (with one TV left over) in this house. It is crazy. I am not certain how or why this happened, but it did. I am convinced if I tuck each of these televisions into a room of their own, they will stop infringing on my life.

It is amazing what a slightly different perspective brings into view. 

I entered the kitchen from downstairs this morning, so I turned on a different light. The light over the kitchen sink is still softly glowing in the distance instead of 180 watts from the fixture over the table. I feel so much more relaxed without that glaring artificial light screaming at me. If I'm going to wake up to darkness outside, I don't feel like illuminating the world inside too brightly, too soon. I want to follow the sun's lead instead of fighting it. 

Soft and muted light is soothing my soul this morning. I feel a level of ambition that usually doesn't come to life at the end of my work week. I am itching to move the TV out of this room and out of my line of sight. I want to turn my new bedroom into my oasis. I want to shuffle around what we have so everything we need is convenient and everything we don't need is gone.

I have often talked of creating our own personal living space downstairs. A place where I am not concerned about the kids getting into or destroying something. A place where we can just hang out and relax and know it is "ours". 

One of my many thoughts about how to subsidize the high cost of living, has been renting out the upstairs and living downstairs (after my daycare days are over). Moving my bedroom downstairs has not only shifted the place where I lay my weary head at night, but it has shifted my thinking.

From appreciating the value of my expensive pillows ... to shuffling things around to make them work in a new and improved way ... to removing the distraction of TV from my central living zone ... to dreaming of ways to make what we have work differently for us ... I feel something akin to happiness in my thought processes today. 

♪♫ Somethin's happenin' here ... ♪♫ 

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