Wednesday, December 9, 2015

Today's To-Do List (this is a boring one)

My internal clock (aided and abetted by two rather frisky kitten-like cats) woke me up and got me out of bed a half hour before my alarm went off this morning. I felt wide awake so I was quite pleased to find myself with an extra half hour on my hands. Except I seem to be wasting it.

I sit here with two blog post ideas before me and the urge to write is missing. I move my gaze to the kitchen table and spot Mom's weekly letter that has not yet been sent and a pile of recipes and meal/snack planning ideas. I have a membership to cancel, a text to send (just did that) and lurking behind me is a stack of Christmas cards begging for attention. Not to mention the daycare yearbook I haven't even started ...

An extra half hour wasn't going to make a difference in that stack of things-to-be-done, so I sat here and did word puzzles, perused on-line auctions sites and basically frittered away the half hour that I was so excited to find this morning. I want a day. No, make that TWO days. I would really enjoy a weekend to tend to all I am not tending right now.

Thus, I am really, really looking forward to my Christmas holidays. I am starting to feel a little tapped out. I think that feeling is coming from not tending to what needs to be tended, more than anything else.

I really need to grab hold of ONE task and see it through to completion. 

The recipe pile? Who do I think I'm kidding!? Nothing is going to happen there today, next week or most likely until January. Take it away! DONE!

The writing ideas? They need to be tended to on a day when the words are flowing more freely. That is obviously not this morning. File that away for the moment. OKAY!

The membership to be cancelled? Leave it in front of the computer with the phone number and account number to tend to that as soon as they open. WILL DO!

Mom's letter? Stop writing this post that's going no where and finish it off to the best of my ability. Just get it done and off the table!! OKAY, OKAY!!

Christmas cards? Soon, very soon. If nothing else, I can address a few envelopes. That always moves me in a forward direction. I will address envelopes today. I WILL!

Daycare yearbook? That one needs a little time to process. Don't squeeze this into a busy day. Take a full day and enjoy the process. I always come out the other end of these creative projects happier, more positive and content in the year I just spent. Take Sunday to revel in the process. In the meantime, scribble down any ideas as they come. If I make time for it, it will come. Sunday will be my day for creativity. I am LOOKING FORWARD TO IT!

Right now? Get ready for the day. Use whatever time is left over to finish the letter I started to Mom. Then move onto the next item on my list.

Man, I'm looking forward to my upcoming holidays. Sigh...

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