Monday, January 11, 2016

Daring Greatly

I wasted yet another Sunday. I slept in, I inhaled my life, I lazed around, I enjoyed our cats, our home and our life. I called a friend and ate healthier. But I wasted another day. Completely and utterly.

By the day's end, I was wandering around without purpose. I was chastising myself for losing another valuable day. I was ready and needy for input. And I found it.

I watched Brené Brown's "Living Brave" question and answer video on Facebook. I was intrigued enough to follow where my curiosity took me. I was getting ready to take the plunge and enrol in her online course but wasn't quite convinced. Then I watched this video ( of Brené Brown interviewing Oprah and I was in. I was in all the way.

I signed up, I ordered my books and I couldn't wait for classes to begin.

Of course I forgot all that this morning when my alarm went off. I stayed in bed as long as humanly possible and decided to save washing my hair until tonight so I could fulfill my deepest desire (to sleep longer). I wasted yet another morning enjoying lazing around with our cats who were sleeping soundly, after a wild 3:00 a.m. romp around my bedroom which lasted long enough to make it hard to fall back asleep.

When I finally got myself to my morning computer spot, I remembered this course. I had ten minutes to spare and an eleven minute introductory video to watch.

I am soooo glad I signed up! This is just what I need right now. I questioned my motives and goals as I read the questions to ponder. But the minute I sat down and listened to Brené speak, I knew exactly where I have been feeling most vulnerable and what "arena" I am afraid to enter.

The "Living Brave" class starts today. They will take registrations until January 15th. The schedule is loosely based, with three breaks interspered througout the course so those who may be falling behind, due to "life" and all its expected and unexpected demands have a chance to catch up.

It is a commitment I was afraid to make. But now that I'm in, I'm excited! If you want to join me, check it out here:

I feel like this could shake me out of the safety net I have gotten so tangled up in, that I've been afraid to move. One small step in a forward direction and I could be off again!

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