Friday, January 29, 2016

Kitty Love

I am not the only one who is enjoying my new bedroom suite. I park myself on the couch within my room of great luxury and as soon as our two black felines find my door open, they come and join me.

Our king sized bed (yes, it belongs to me and our cats) is many things. One of them? A wrestling mat.

Last night, Jet parked himself in Ray's "usual" spot so Ray slept on the other side of the bed for a while then when he felt lonely or bored or simply wanted his side of the bed back, he wandered over to Jet and nudged him with his head. Jet washed and washed and washed his face and Ray just lapped it all up.

"Ahh! That feels so good. Just a little to the left ..."

I ran upstairs for a while and tended to all that needed tending before I went to bed. Usually all it takes is for me to leave my room and both of these guys follow me. Not last night. After several minutes of making noise upstairs, I came back downstairs to find them arm in arm. 

The expression on Ray's face (on the left) is priceless. Ray is our "scaredy cat" but when he feels safe and secure, his entire expression changes.
As I gazed into Jet's eyes this morning and tried to guess what he was plotting next, I had a flashback. I remember my son telling me that Jet reached out to him from inside his cage at the S.P.C.A. seven months ago. My son held him, Jet pulled out all of his best moves and adopted us.

I look at these guys and just can't imagine our lives without them. It's just like a Disney love story.

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