Saturday, January 23, 2016

Peeking Out

I am peeking my head out of this quiet, reclusive world I've built. And I think it's going to be okay. In fact, I think it already is.

I have done the hard job of sending out a few emails this past week. This never used to be hard. I always had more words in my head than I had people to tell them to. I have run out of words. But I wrote anyway.

People within my world are wonderful. I heard back from each and every person I reached out to. One cannot expect 100% success. But in my bubble wrapped little world, it tends to happen a lot. I am fortunate. I know this.

I replied to another email and invited a friend in for coffee. I was surprised how hard it was to type the words. "Would you like to come over for coffee?" was hard. "Would you like to meet for coffee?" is easy. I had to let that email rest over night and send it when I was fresh and brave this morning. I did it. And it was good.

My weekend actually revolves around meeting up with friends. And I'm looking forward to it! I must have given myself the time and space I needed because I am actually looking forward to a weekend with an agenda.

I must continue down this brave, new path. It is good. I am starting to feel like I'm waking up from a hibernation state. I still love to run to the cover of the oasis I have created within our home but it feels rather good to stick my face out into the sun again. I may need to wear sunglasses for a while to shield myself from the light, but it is important to come out and face the world again.

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