Tuesday, January 12, 2016

Ten Minutes

I will give myself ten minutes to write before I head off and get ready for my day. Ten minutes when I have nothing to say. This could be dangerous.

My Monday felt like a "Sunday" to me. I wasn't in the daycare provider zone. I showed up. I sat still. I did my job. I took care of my little people. I was calm, cool and collected (most of the time). The day was fine. I just didn't really want to be a part of it.

My son's school called while he was on the bus, headed to school. There had been a water main break and their school would be closed for the day. I managed to reach him before he got off the bus, so he just stayed put and circled his way back home. He discovered the round trip takes fifty minutes.

He was up, dressed and prepared for his day. And he got the day off. Suddenly, that is exactly what I wanted too.

I wanted to be in the zone for a full on work day and have no one show up. I wanted to be energized by going through my morning routines, be dressed and ready to go and do and be ... then have someone wave their magic wand and say "Ta da!! You have just been given a bonus day off!"

Life didn't happen that way but I got to talk with my sister and that was good. My new daycare charge is a very fussy eater and she didn't come, so I served a lunch I knew would never go over with her - home made taco soup, all ready to go. So lunch was easy. But the day felt hard. Even though it wasn't.

It was an easy day and I didn't do it well. No one's fault but my own.

Oh well, that is the very good thing about life. If we are very lucky, we get to try it all over again the very next day.

Here's to second chances! Here is to making today a better day than yesterday! Here is to "Tuesday"!

I hope your Tuesday is what you hope it will be...

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