Wednesday, January 20, 2016

The Cats are Conspiring Again

I woke up on "slow" this morning. Every move I made seemed to take double the energy and twice the time it should have taken. I just kept taking one forward step and was halfway through the process of making my morning smoothie when our frisky young "Jet" cat started stalking the stove and whatever was underneath it. I didn't want to take the time, nor did I have the energy, to investigate. But the last time we had a cat so interested in what was under a large kitchen appliance there was a live mouse underneath. So I thought I had better check it out.

Once again, it felt like it took twice the energy it should have taken but I slid out the stove. There were enough cat hair fluff balls to build a small mouse perhaps, but there wasn't a mouse. I watched for anything live as I zigzagged the stove out of its spot and I had two cats at the ready to chase anything that moved. Nothing moved.

I found two Tootsie rolls (cats are to blame for that) and a cat toy under the stove, swept up the hair balls and decided since the stove was out anyway, this would be the perfect opportunity to remove the bottom oven element so I could replace it. Unfortunately I couldn't get one screw out so that was a wasted effort.

Anyway ... back to my story.

I moved the stove back into its home and finished making my smoothie. By the time I sat down to drink it, I had the pleasure of watching "Ray" play with his long lost catnip toy. He was playing with it beside the fridge and purposely letting it slide under the fridge so he could sweep it out with his paws. He did this time and time again. I told him that was not a smart idea (yes, I have many conversations with our cats) but he didn't listen.

Within a minute, his toy was lost underneath the fridge. He did it on purpose! Why else would he play with it there and ensure I was watching while he did so.

The question is "why" did he do this. I know the answer. Jet tricked me into moving out the stove. I am quite sure Ray's agenda included having me move the fridge. I am almost certain I am going to find at least one more (if not two) of his coveted catnip toys under the fridge.

Just as long as I don't find a mouse ...

This was what I was able to retrieve from under the fridge
Three more catnip toys; a mouse (and one more Tootsie roll).
I used a ruler to find these objects but my curiosity was piqued, so I grabbed a straightened out coat hanger to see what other treasures I could find. I found one more toy mouse but now ...
 I have a coat hanger caught up underneath the fridge and I can't get it out.
This cat conspiracy has lead to a coat hanger sticking out from under the fridge. 

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