Saturday, February 20, 2016

I Can't Wait Until Sunday!

Ahh, this "living" thing is so time consuming! My days feel consumed with little things, my evenings have had their own agenda and mornings have been far too short lately. And now that I am actually sitting still, my brain feels empty. The only words I have written is my to-do-list for tomorrow.

Life has been clipping along at a good pace lately. I was savoring our "quiet time" yesterday afternoon knowing there was something I really, really wanted to do with that time rather than fritter it away on the computer. It was only after my kids started waking up that I realized what I had wanted to do. I wanted to read. I have gotten out so of the habit of reading, that I forget it is a viable option during the quiet part of my day.

"Reading" is on my to-do-list tomorrow, but it is hastily written down at the bottom of my list as an afterthought. I hope I remember to do it once I get there. Heavens! I hope I can cross three of those things off my list.

"Cleaning" did not even make the list. Is that "Yay, me!!" for having my priorities straight? Or is it simply more procrastination? I figure if I invite at least one person over per week, I may eventually develop the habit of keeping a cleaner living area. And by clean I mean "scrubbed clean", not just a tidy path from the door to the kitchen to the bathroom. CLEAN. One day ...

"Exercising" needs to find its way back into my life. I have been wearing my Fitbit wristband like a fashion accessory, not a motivator. I have been diligently trying to track what I have been eating and my water intake is up. But other than that, it has been doing little more than tracking my sleep and telling me that I don't move enough to support my eating habits. On a positive note, I am a pretty efficient sleeper. I am averaging over 90% in that area of my life. No wonder I like to sleep so much. I am very good at it!

"Writing" is at the top of my to-do-list. I want to get back into the habit of writing Mom's letter on Sunday, sitting at the kitchen table with a pen in hand and a cup of coffee at my side. That is how Mom's weekly letters began. The old fashioned way. Pen to paper on a quiet Sunday morning, not hastily typed before my daycare crew walks in the door on a Monday morning or (lately) forgotten altogether. I have one more batch of columns to submit and then I can breathe easy for another month.

"Numbers" have fallen to the bottom of my must-do-list. I don't love playing with numbers the way I used to. I am fanatical about balancing my bank and credit card books, keeping on top of my daycare accounting and keeping an eye on the long range forecast of my financial future. But I don't sit and "figger" like I used to. I know that I should because I need to look ahead if I want to get a handle on my financial state of affairs. But I am in denial. I'll keep plugging ahead month to month to month and let the years take care of themselves.

Working on my on-line "Living Brave" course and reading are the last two items on my list. If I leave what I want to do below what I should do, will I do it all? Or will I do nothing and waste another day just loving my little life at home with our two black cats and my youngest son?

No matter what I do, the day will come and go. And the sooner I get my "Saturday job" tended to, the sooner I can leap into my most favorite day of the year. "Sunday"!! I can't wait!

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