Thursday, February 25, 2016

Wednesday is the New Sunday

Sunday's to-do list has been haunting me all week. The person I used to be (the one who had a weekly household chore routine in place) has also been chiding me. Then there is this "Fitbit" gadget that has been nagging at me as well. "No one" will leave me alone! My head is not a quiet nor a lonely place it seems ...

All of these little "voices" in my head must be getting through my thick skull because things are happening.

I looked down at my clean socks an hour into my day and they were covered in cat hair. My hairy socks spurred me into vacuuming the house. Maybe not every nook and cranny but definitely all of the areas we live in. While I was at it, I dusted a few objects in the kitchen and threw in a load of laundry. One load of laundry led to another and by the day's end, not only did I have a relatively clean house and an empty laundry basket, but I had well exceeded the 10,000 step goal  on my Fitbit while I took the kids outside to play in the afternoon and supposedly climbed 24 flights of stairs.

During quiet time I read and after the kids went home, I devoted an hour or more to my on-line "Living Brave" course. Those two tasks were written on my list of things I had hoped to accomplish on Sunday. You would not believe how good it felt to cross those items off my list. "Reading" and "thinking" have become jobs to me. What has happened?

I have been filling up the white space of my life with the internet and television. If I turned off all technology I have a feeling housework wouldn't be such a chore. If I grabbed a book instead of my phone during my daycare day, it may encourage the kids to do the same. My ongoing excuse is that I use my phone to take pictures of the kids (that I post on our daycare blog), so it is just a little too convenient when that blasted phone is almost always in my hand or my pocket.

It felt like some kind of wonderful to accomplish something with my day and week-in-progress. I seem to remember falling into the habit of tending all of my must-do items on my eternal to-do list before my weekends. It is energizing to do what you want to get done before the weekend arrives. Only I am about a week behind schedule. Because I can already see the tasks I neglected last week which still need tending.

Wednesday has become one of my favorite days of the week. It is my high energy day. It is the day that is smack dab in the middle of working my way through my daycare week and before the reality of working on Saturday seeps into my consciousness.

Wednesday is my new Sunday. Which should free up Sundays to allow life to unfold in whatever manner it may without a sense of guilt or loss of a day. Sunday is supposed to be a day of rest so maybe life is telling me to stop expecting so much of myself on that seventh day.

Which means I have much to do before Sunday rolls around again. I'd better get cracking!

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