Thursday, March 31, 2016

One Bored Kitty = Trouble (Updated)

Our not so little cat "Jet" is bored out of his mind. He really, really wants to go outside to watch the birds, follow his curiosity and go wherever he wants to go. But he can't. So he is following his curiosity and going wherever he wants to go inside instead.

Our not so little black cat has not only learned how to open closet doors and shed his lovely black coat of hair within, but he has discovered how to open the kitchen cupboards as well.

Most of our cupboards have child locks on them but the corner cupboard doesn't have a lock. How Jet discovered the "one out of five", I'll never know. He must check out his options at night. But he has figured out how to play in the cupboards. Joy.

When he disappeared entirely, I opened the cupboard door and couldn't even see him because he had tucked himself into the back corner of the cupboard, on the Lazy Susan (I was just able to get this blurry shot of him as he made his dash for freedom).

I bought him a bag full of cat toys while I was away this past weekend. Nothing for my son or for me. Just a bag of interesting looking cat toys (mostly) for this bored little cat of ours. 

He comes outside when I take the kids out and sticks around the yard pretty good. He does have to be coaxed to stick within our property line but he hasn't been making a mad dash for it when we (I) try to catch him. But the season is young. This guy has such an adventuresome spirit that I can't imagine him being content within such a small space for long.

Thankfully he is scared of people, bikes, skateboards and anything that makes a noise he isn't familiar with. When he hears any of the above, he makes a bee line for the back door and his heart is pounding like he's running for his life.

Oh, how I would love to get some new cupboards. Can you imagine the conversation that would take place as I placed my order? "They have to be cat and kid proof, and able to withstand a cat trying to open them."

We should be getting our new back doors within the next few weeks. A new inside door and a storm door, both doors will have lever handles (the type of handle our bored little cat has mastered on the front door). I have a feeling our cat will soon be letting himself out to play. We'll have to be sure we have a cat-proof door lock.

More adventures to follow ...

Six hours later:

We took our bored little cat out into the back yard with us this morning. I know he has his eye on that which is outside of our back yard but he found the next best thing. He climbed the playground structure and managed to find his way onto the "roof" so he could do some bird watching.

Can you find a cat peeking out of the trees?
Then he did a little spying on the neighbors too. 

I left him up in the "tree house" while I brought the kids inside, hoping he wouldn't make a dash for it and climb the tree or jump out of the back yard. You'll never guess where he was when I went to check on him ten minutes later. Standing at the back door with a worried look that said, "You forgot me!" Maybe he isn't so adventureous after all.

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