Thursday, March 10, 2016

This Movie is Rated "I" for Inspiring

I attended "Lunafest" (short films by, for, about women) with a friend last night. Six short films ranging from seven minutes to eighteen minutes long. This mini movie festival coincides with International Women's Day (the day prior) and the entire theme of the evening was very "woman" oriented.

Each film had a message, some you had to dig deeper than others and many of them made me feel like I was standing in an art museum and I was left wondering "What just happened here?" and needed an explanation to understand the intent of what I had just watched.

My friend and I had just been talking about the wonder of "art" and how ten different people could read the same book, see the same movie, read the same article or simply be standing still and watching life unfold and those ten people would internalize, see and reflect what they had just read/seen/heard in ten different ways. This is the beauty of art and the creative process.

I woke up this morning looking for a google image of the movie ratings which preceded this mini movie festival (I thought "I" for Inspiring was the best movie rating one ask for) and couldn't find anything except movie listings tagged with inspirational. I thought this was a good second prize and clicked on a few sites with the intent on creating a list of "must see" movies for myself.

Was it just because I had just attended a "Women's Day" event that I noticed every movie on the first few lists I scrolled through had men and men issues as their focal point? Most of these issues are relate-able to both genders but there was most definitely a bias.

I thought of the movie "Joy" I had just seen a week prior to this event. This, among several other movies made it to a "15 Movies About Extraordinary Women" list (nine of the movies were from 2015). I am not a woman's activist or anything of the sort but having my eyes opened to the idea that many of Hollywood's box office hits are films by, for and about men helped me appreciate the victory it is to have more women's stories out there.

I think it's important to try and control the "input" that is impacting my thought processes. While I don't think the Home & Garden Network is damaging my soul/mind/spirit I don't think it is enhancing it either. Peeking into the extravagance some people live in is not serving any greater purpose. I think it is more important to take a peek at real life heroes, whether they are men or women, and strive to think bigger and dream of the life I want to create.

During the years that I rerouted my life, my dreams and my goals the premise of "The Secret" was my underlying guide post. I have let go of that guide wire and tried life on my own. I think I have found my way back to solid ground but I'm still wandering and checking out various paths. I trust this all part of a process. I can find a positive for every negative situation I've encountered. Usually the positives outweigh the negatives at a ratio which is quite likely 100 to 1 or more.

I was lost but I'm finding my way. In the end, I know I wouldn't appreciate the final destination without the detours. I am going to live today as if it was a movie that I want to rate "I" for Inspiring. Inspiration lies around every corner. You just have to dig a little deeper to find it, some of the time.

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