Wednesday, April 27, 2016

Cat Games I Play

I just finished playing a game of "Find the Cat Toys" with our cats. Namely "Jet".

Jet paces around here every morning with the desperation of a caged wild animal who is so bored they think they may die. He attacks the cat toy cupboard like he is dying of starvation and there is a morsel of food in this drawer that may save his life.

When I dug out the remaining two cat toys that were stored within (there are a total of eleven cat toys that usaually reside in this drawer), he scoffed at them because they were the least favored toys of all (thus, the reason they were still in the drawers) and he stalked off and started attacking the bedroom closet door he has learned to open (I wrote that sentence and realized he may have been seeking a lost cat toy within but I was wrong).

After a rousing game of "Find the Toy", I came up with six of the eleven toys. Five of the toys have been swallowed up by the house (perhaps) never to be found again. That said, I'm going to go check out my son's room some time later today. I'm sure I'll find some more in there.

As I tallied up the toys I found, verses the toys that are still missing in action I thought of the little game I play as I go in search of the missing cat toys. I know exactly which ones are missing (I just found one more when I heard the tell tale sound of the bell inside the plastic ball).

We are missing two cat nip "knots". These are Ray's favorite toys and before Jet moved in with us we always knew where Ray's missing toys were. He played with certain toys upstairs and other toys downstairs. We knew which toys we would find before we found them. My guess is that Ray has found a hiding spot that Jet (nor I) know about. He's "buried" them, the way a dog buries a bone.

We are also missing a grey mouse and a blue sparkly ball. Jet plays with these toys so they could be anywhere.

I play this game all day with the kids. "We are missing a Paw Patrol! Let's try to find him." "We are missing one of the stacking cups. Who can find it??" "Let's count the princesses and see if we have all of them!" "We are missing a green ball and a plastic ball. Let's see who can find them!" I don't know how many Hot Wheels cars we have inside but I know we have twenty one of them outside.

I wondered. Are these little games of "hide and seek" keeping my brain connections lubricated and connected? Are these mindless little puzzles helping my brain health? Plus there is a mild form of physical exertion required to seek out the missing objects, so maybe just maybe our little "Jet" is doing his best to keep my brain and body active.

I don't know what we would do without our little cats. They not only amuse and entertain me, they are good for my mental and physical health. They are my very own personal healthcare providers!

"You must get off this computer now! Too much computering is bad for you."

"I mean it! Off!! Right now!" With love, Jet

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