Tuesday, April 12, 2016

I Need a Nanny (or at least another Sunday)

Okay, that was nice. A completely relaxing and rejuvenating Sunday followed by a pretty decent daycare Monday. "Decent" describes my reaction to the stimuli within our daycare day. A rested and revitalized "me" is essential so that I can react in the appropriate manner in my daycare role.

My "decent" day was followed by a rather committed evening. It didn't happen by design but it happened. My income tax was ready to be picked up, I had a "decent" supper ready to go and someone dropped by to have a look at the work I want done around the yard. These events consumed every moment between the departure of my last daycare charge until about 8:30.

I am usually wound right down and nodding off to sleep by 8:30. Those three hours of consciousness without children in my midst have become as essential to me as my quiet morning hours. When the hours don't happen within their regularly allotted time frame, I still crave them. So I eat to stay awake and enjoy them.

I woke up with a queasy stomach this morning (digesting half a can of Pringles on top of an already full stomach was not a wise decision). I want to sit still and analyze my income taxes. I want to finish reading that chapter in "Rising Strong" (only three more lessons/weeks of my on-line course and I can take that off my to-do list).

I'm ready for another Sunday. And it's only Tuesday. And "this" is after entering the week feeling fully recharged after a completely indulgent Sunday. It is no wonder that I am having a hard time saying "Yes" to life.

Shonda Rhimes admits that no one can "do it all". She says if she is succeeding in area of her life, it means she is failing at another. If she is fully present at work, she is missing important "firsts" and events with her children. If she is present for her children, it means her professional life is suffering. Her answer? She has an incredible nanny, who "nannies" not only her children, but Shonda herself.

That's it! I need to hire a nanny to help me run my daycare (and "nanny" me a little along the way). Shonda? I don't think that's going to work for me. Do you have any other suggestions?

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