Thursday, May 19, 2016

A Little Bit of Gratitude Goes a Long Way

I quickly scribbled (typed) down yesterday morning's post on gratitude and the rest of my day carried me away from my early morning thoughts.

It was a pretty decent day. I remember the odd frustrating moment or two but on the whole, I really cannot complain. Small gains are being made with a rather challenging set of behaviours and I celebrate every little baby step along the way.

My only regret was my decision to leave the premises to go and play at the park when we have a perfectly good back yard right here at home. That decision cost me a visit with my sister. Drats!! I replayed that little scenario over in my head much more than was necessary, especially because the deed was done. We were out when she came to call. End of story. That's all I need to do, is to convince myself never to leave the premises just in case someone drops by. Quit thinking that thought right now!!

Then little things happened throughout the day that I didn't even really grasp until I finally went back to read what I wrote down yesterday. My closing paragraph read: "I am so fortunate, I cannot believe it. What I lose on one hand, I seem to gain back, with interest, on the other. Thank you! Thank you!! Thank you!!!"

I am not exactly certain what example I had in my mind as I wrote the words but as I reread it this morning, I was dwelling on another thought I had as I was writing that post "Even when funds are low, there is 'always a way' " ...

I have weekend plans that I can ill afford right now but I didn't want to cancel them due to lack of funding so I was planning to push through. When I talked with my friend (after I wrote that post), we shifted our plans so we will be gone one night instead of two and we changed our destination so I can utilize some "reward points" to cover most of the cost of our accommodations. That, in and of itself made this little trip more affordable. Then the rest of the day unfolded.

The month of May is my "settle up month" for my utility bills. I pay a flat fee year round and then settle up once a year. I overpaid my water, heat and electricity which translates to a savings of $261.00 this month (and another $105.00 next month to boot). Between cutting down our trip from two days to one; being able to cash in on my "reward points" to cover costs AND my utility bill savings, "even when funds are low, there is always a way".

I'm grateful for these little miracles of the financial kind. I've said it before and I'll say it again "If lack of money is our biggest problem, we are very fortunate indeed".

This morning I am grateful to wake up to a freshly mowed lawn AND fresh, clean hair which has been styled more to my liking this time around (it was in my face too much the last time I did it).

The sun is shining and I feel bright and shiny and revitalized.

And one more little piece of gratitude goes to the "Day Care Gods" who watch over me and my little daycare world. I received notice that one of my families is expecting a baby in December and as my good fortune would have it, I have a neighbor (who lives only three houses away from me) who is first on my waiting list for their daughter who will be one year old in November.

Things have a way of working themselves out. Whether you stew and fret and worry needlessly, "life happens". I prefer to make plans and trust that the details will iron themselves out as I go along. I'm not sure how that is going to work for me in my "retirement plans", thus I don't plan. Which could explain a piece of this low grade angst I wake up with each morning.

Life is good. I will take it at face value, appreciate what I have and relax and enjoy the ride. That is my plan anyway. I'm just not too sure how relaxed I am so far. I'll try to enjoy the ride anyway. There is something to be said for a few "thrills and chills" along the way.

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