Wednesday, May 18, 2016

It's Thankful People Who are Happy

I have been feeling weighed down by unknown forces lately. Getting out of bed in the morning has been so hard. I have been feeling low and mopey and I have not been enjoying living in my own head. Then (and this may be why I never cancel my Facebook account entirely) Facebook saved me from myself.

I think quotes find and speak to you when you are ready. Yesterday, my inspiration came from two sources "Project Happiness" and a quote from the book "The Rhythm of Life: Living Every Day With Passion and Purpose".

Project Happiness (in part) told me:

"Anyone who has a regular practice of giving thanks can tell you that it attracts more reasons to be thankful. And, the science supports this magnetic effect: Thankfulness awakens our brain’s pleasure centers, and our bodies produce bio-chemicals that activate a strong and powerful sense of connection and well-being. Giving thanks prompts our bodies to respond with vitality, a stronger immune system, and it often inspires us to contribute to the greater good."

Then as the day progressed, I found another gem. According to Google, this is a quote from Matthew Kelly's Book "The Rhythm of Life: Living Every Day With Passion and Purpose":

I woke up this morning with lead in my veins again. I had no desire to hop out of bed and face the day. Then I rolled over and found this lying between my pillow and my alarm clock:

What a whimsical reminder to start my morning by counting my blessings before I placed one foot on the ground.

This morning I found myself grateful for:
  • My two favorite felines (one on each side of me as I awoke).
  • My ability to work from home (thus I don't have to leave the house today).
  • Weekend plans which include a person who lifts me up and makes me want to be a better person.
  • The ability to make plans (even when funds are low, there is "always a way").
  • A car which will take me to my destination.
  • A reliable, capable (24 days away from) adult son at home to tend to everything that needs to be tended in my absence.
  • Friends and family who understand, support and "push" me to do uncomfortable things (even though no one literally pushes me to do anything, my desire to do what is right over what is comfortable because of who I am doing it for or with).
  • An absolutely, perfectly comfortable life and home. It is so comfortable and stocked up with that which we need and want, Everything I want and need is right here under our roof.
  • A perfect daycare environment. We have a child friendly world I would have given my eye teeth to have when I was a child. We would never have to leave the premises.We are SO lucky!
  • Spare socks! Nine pairs of brand new, never been opened socks. As I blew through the heel of yet another sock this morning, I was grateful in the knowledge that I have back up socks.
Life is good. The gifts I wake up to each and every day are plentiful. The mere fact that I sleep well is a gift unto itself. The blessing of health and a relatively worry-free existence is something I try not to take for granted. But I do. I wake up "expecting" all of this.

I am so fortunate, I cannot believe it. What I lose on one hand, I seem to gain back, with interest, on the other. Thank you! Thank you!! Thank you!!! 

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