Thursday, May 5, 2016

One Vanilla Iced Capp, Please!

My Fitbit tells me that I logged over 25,000 steps yesterday.

It was a busy day with the kids, I did yard work then still had errands to run after I showered and cleaned off the day's grime. I felt a little like I walked a few miles so I treated myself with a vanilla iced coffee at the time I am usually falling asleep. This was a very unwise move.

My Fitbit also tells me I only slept 4 hours and 23 minutes last night. I shook my head and thought "You fool!! You shouldn't have ended your day with coffee and sugar combo pack!" It is no wonder I feel exhausted this morning.

My Fitbit wore itself out counting my steps last night and was in need of charging a day ahead of when I normally charge it. I even tuckered out my Fitbit. Yay, me!!

My cell phone's battery was down to 47%, the iPad's battery charge was depleted to 44%. Everything is plugged in and charging at the moment. And here I sit with my second cup of coffee trying to charge myself up for the day ahead. I don't feel too charged up yet.

I guess I need another vanilla iced coffee to push me through the day. Actually a vanilla iced cappuccino sounds better. Make that a double!

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