Tuesday, June 28, 2016

Fashion and Decorating 101

I just stumbled upon "Sarah Baeumler's" blog and it has been an enjoyable find since the majority of the blog authors I read now write on a very sporadic basis (something I can completely relate to).

This morning I read her post "Why I Love White Rooms". I thought "this" was a concept that sounded like me. Basic white goes with anything and everything. Sarah's flare is quite different than mine which can be summed up by this one sentence "I believe that if you design your home the way you style your closet, then you are sure to create a home that reflects your sense of self." (Sarah Baeumler)

I laughed when I read that. My idea of a perfect wardrobe would be that of a cartoon character. Wilma Flintstone comes to mind. Wilma wore the exact same dress episode after episode, year after year. Her hair was swept up in a "do" that was exactly the same every day. Simplicity, ease and comfort. She wasted not an extra moment of her day wondering what to wear. She simply pulled out a clean version of yesterday's attire all year long.

When I googled images for "Wilma Flintstone", I found the very odd deviation to Wilma's old stand by. They were dresses of exactly the same style, but in different colors. She had a bathing suit, an apron and I seem to remember her dressed up for some fancy occasion a time or two so Wilma did have what she needed when the occasion called for it but for the most part her wardrobe was simply functional.

A functional wardrobe describes "me" to a tee. I don't like to have to think about what I'm going to wear and whatever I wear must be comfortable, drape in all the right places and gape in none of the wrong places. I have to be able to move and there must be room to breathe.

Hey, Sarah! I do believe you are onto something here because that is exactly the way I strive to make our home work for us. Comfortable, servicable, we are able to move and there is room to breathe. I don't want anything fancy, fussy or ornate.

Both my wardrobe and my decorating are a little ways away from being exactly what I want but now that I recognize my fashion sense, I'll know when I've found the right look.

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