Monday, June 27, 2016

Looking Up and Beyond the Moment

I have discovered the easiest way to clean my world is to wash my glasses. Yes, I suppose one would say you could see the dirt better that way but I choose to look up and beyond all that. Clean glasses make my head feel clearer and that is a very good place to start.

I like when my vision is clear and unobstructed. A clean windshield, clean windows or a flat Saskatchewan prairie landscape. I feel claustrophobic in the mountains, where "as far as your eye can see" is the treed face of a rock and where "walking through a cloud" is possible.

I like a clear vision of where I want to go within my world. Obstacles are meant to be cleared away and overcome so I can find my way back to my old, familiar path.

My view feels obstructed these days. I can't see beyond where I'm at and while living in the moment is a nice place to be, I'm looking into the horizon and wondering "What's next?"

I feel ready to undergo a minor metamorphosis. I am craving change. I feel like I'm ready to move in a brand new and unexpected direction.

My children are grown and before I know it, my youngest will be ready to try out his wings. Do you know what? I think I'm ready to spread my wings and see if I remember how to fly too.

That's what clean glasses will do for a person. I woke up this morning feeling foggy and rather lack lustre about the day ahead of me. Now I feel like I'm looking up and beyond the day and into the mystical world of the future. I wonder what lies ahead? It could be more of the same. Especially if I keep doing what I'm doing. But what if I change just one thing? What if?

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