Wednesday, July 27, 2016

A Few of My Favorite Sounds

One of the first things I decided I liked about "Windows 10" was the notification sound when an incoming email arrived. I perked up, it was pleasing to the ear and when I looked to see what had caused it I found an email. Incoming mail is one of my favorite things.

My new little daycare baby falls asleep to the sound of music. Rather than have his mom worry about toting his own musical devise back and forth every day, I found a lullaby CD a friend had given to me. I had to buy a new (used) CD player since the ones I have stopped working long ago. The combination of the quality of sound this CD player produces along with the lullaby music is very palatable to the ear. I can feel myself calming down the moment I press play.

There is a song on the radio that grabs and holds me each and every time I hear it. "A Better Place" by Rachel Platten. Just listen. Doesn't it make you swoon, make you feel a little better and crave to surround yourself with those who make your world feel like a better place?

There are the sounds of contented children at play. It actually happens on a fairly regular basis around here. I need to learn to stop and appreciate that "music" when it happens more often.

Then there are the sounds of silence. My holidays are upcoming and I do believe my primary goal will be to follow the music, the silence and the sounds that bring the greatest enjoyment to my ears.

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