Tuesday, July 5, 2016

All Out of Tricks

I'm one day into the new week and I am defeated.

I don't know. I either need to close my daycare or only take care of girls. Nobody "won" yesterday but the boys defeated me. Completely, utterly and totally. I told our cats I probably needed to cry. But there were no tears. There was nothing left in me at the end of the day. Nada.

Today is a girl dominant day and I am so relieved that I could almost kiss the ground they walk on.

I don't know about this new generation of children. They are a new hybrid. Nothing I have ever done before has worked. I have no more tricks up my sleeve.

How do teachers do it? Kids walk into a classroom from all walks of life, from homes with varying expectations and acceptable behaviours. In the "old days" I used to feel capable in my role of preparing these little humans for what was to come when they started school. I thought my role was an important one and I felt like I did a decent job so the Kindergarten teachers wouldn't be starting from scratch.

I have had most of these children since they were a year old. The oldest I take care of will be four years old in four months. He lives by the rule "I do whatever I want, the minute her back is turned". There is no respect, not even a healthy fear of my "angry voice". Nothing. Yesterday he even tattled on me to his mom.

I'm ready to retire but I still need an income. Selling all my worldly possessions and going to help the orphans in Rwanda sounded like a good option yesterday afternoon while I savored the two hours of quiet time I have managed to enforce.

Anyone have any better ideas?

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