Thursday, September 8, 2016


It's really no wonder I procrastinate the way I do, when it comes to matters of dealing with he excess within our home. It's time consuming.

I spent the better part of Monday sorting, organizing and ensuring I had all the parts and pieces which go with various toys I plan to get sell. Then I took pictures of everything as I went along so I was one step closer to putting them up for sale. I ended up with this:

Then came Tuesday. I went outside and did a small scale version of the above. Timing is everything when it comes to marketing your wares. If I waited until the dead of winter to sell these items, there wouldn't have been the same demand. So I am basically selling everything that either drives me crazy, is at risk of being broken or that the kids fight over. I listed 11 items for sale on an on line auction site Tuesday afternoon. I set the end of my auction for 6:00 p.m. on Wednesday.

There was a LOT of interest in what I had for sale. I had 179 followers or bids or inquiries on the above mentioned 11 items. I sold ten of them and once everyone picks up their items and pays for them, I will have netted $160.25. Not too shabby for a good day's work.

I basically needed to be available to answer any queries once I listed my items, be available to close my auction on time and advise the winners of their successful bids and now I will have to be available for the next two days while people come to pick up their wares.

It's a time consuming little project but I think it's worth it. I like the "auction" style of selling. I am uncomfortable setting a price on what I want to sell, so I list my starting bid low and let demand dictate the price. No one bids more than they are willing to pay so everyone gets the best bang for their buck.

If I list 10 items for sale over the course of the next 15 weeks and average approximately $50 per week, I will could end up with a net profit of under $1000. Is this worth it? It is the beginning of my "emergency fund" which I have a feeling I may need when my daycare income dwindles to zero. I sure wish money wasn't the boss of me. I was just attaining the financial comfort level I once knew before I quit babysitting the last time. I know of nothing I could do to earn this monthly income again.

I think I'm scaring myself back into thinking there was a very good reason I was in the daycare business to begin with. I'm in my comfort zone, doing something I can do and it pays the bills.

I need to "live smaller" if I plan to succeed on my next "life makeover". Maybe I should pack what I need and live in the back of a moving van. This guy "Thoughts From Inside the Box" does it. Maybe I could too (I may have to move to California to weather the winter though) ...

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