Friday, September 30, 2016

Life is Amazing!

Do you happen to remember that post I wrote, where someone contacted me about writing a post with financial tips? I didn't think it was for real at first but the post "Financial Tips From the Financially Inept" rolled off my fingertips with ease, so when this actual real, live person followed up and contacted me AGAIN I did a little checking and confessed I written that post shortly after I received her original email. Do you know what? She liked it. She really liked it!!

[Queue "Twilight Zone" music here]

Okay. Now. This is my reality:

TODAY is my last official day of providing full-time daycare to a house full of kids. After today, I will have ONE child to tend. One. I have about two months of "guaranteed income" from that child and the third month is anyone's guess because her mom is having a baby and I will be taking care of this last daycare child left standing until that time.

ONE child = $600 per month. This is not an income which will sustain me. Nor do I have the ability to look for a job which takes me out of the house because I am still committed to being home nine hours a day, five days a week. And bookkeeping on Saturdays. My work-week is still fully committed.

I am simply not raking in the income I have been accustomed to. Things are going to be tight but I've made adjustments. I have the "short term" under control. Everything is covered. I've got this.

Ever since before I knew my daycare income was going to be slashed, I was telling myself to trust the moment I'm in. Don't panic. Don't let fear rule the moment. Coast with whatever you are given.

It has been challenging to have faith that I am exactly where I need to be but two short months ago, I was falling to pieces and all I could think of was taking a year's leave of absence. A year to be quiet and figure things out. I got three months instead! Bonanza!!

Ever since I realized this gift of time was being presented to me in the most unexpected of ways, my first thought was maybe I could focus on my writing. Maybe I could approach more papers and bring in a little more income from the articles I already write. Maybe I could start compiling my writing, sorting things into "life lessons" called chapters and maybe I could really do this. Maybe I could produce a thing called a book.

It was like a meteor shower. All these seemingly unrelated events were whirling around in my brain and not quite connecting with each other. They were free falling. That is probably what my "ocular migrane" was!! A bombardment of ideas that had not yet found each other!

Yesterday, I had a very interesting email exchange with this person who found my writing through the amazing forces of the Internet. She liked what she read enough to contact me to write something for her. The combination of my love of "letters" and "numbers" made it very easy for me to come up with writing (letters) of the financial (numbers) kind. Maybe I can combine the two forces which have driven me since I was about 9 or 10 years old. I started my letter writing "career" at age 9. I started financial planning the year I saved up for a tape recorder (maybe 10?). Writing and "figgering" ("figuring" for those of you reading this who can't hear my dad's voice in my head when I write this) are an integral part of my being. I can "write" about "numbers"!

If nothing else, this has given me a launching pad. The beginning of starting to organize my thoughts of the past into chapters for a "book". Within said book, you can be sure to find a section on "Financial Tips from the Financially Inept" because that is where this meteor shower actually started pulling itself together by some magnetic force. This "shower" may become a planet of its own.

Life is really amazing! I love looking at it backwards and seeing how all the pieces of the puzzle (or meteorites) eventually start coming together to create a bigger picture (or a brand new planet altogether).

The coincidences of what I write here and find sitting for me in my inbox moments after I finish my thoughts never cease to amaze me. Here is today's inspiration from Project Happiness (

Followed by this food for thought:

"#FreedomFriday: What would it take for you to let go of control today and trust that everything is unfolding for your greater good?"

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