Tuesday, April 18, 2017

A Day in the Life of Our Cats

I woke up early this morning and I still don't have words worth putting out into the world. I don't know if it is a matter of too much thinking and too much inaction OR if I simply have too much interaction within my world these days. But I really don't have a lot of spare thoughts left over at the end of a day. So I have resorted to a "cat day" kind of post.

These two black critters bring no end of joy into our little world here. As the pictures to follow suggest, they do spend a lot of time lazing about. So perhaps it is no wonder "Jet", otherwise know as our bored little cat, gets into trouble some days with all of his restless energy.

Same cats, different sleeping poses. I love how Ray flips onto his back when he is in full-out relaxed mode. For a cat that is scared of "everything", his prone position on his back always brings a smile to my face and lights up the moment.

These "hugging moments" are brought to you compliments of Ray. If Jet is snoozing and Ray comes up to him and nestles in, there is usually some mutual cat face, ears, neck washing that follows. It sometimes ends in a cat nap together. Or in this case, Ray is simply hugging a sleeping Jet and awaiting his face wash.

I wake up to Jet by my side more often than not. It is really no wonder why I have a hard time crawling out of bed when these guys make sleeping look like a sport. I just want to join in on the fun and cat nap the morning away.

Ray's early morning look out point is atop the fridge. If you look carefully, you can find his paw prints on my freshly dusted refrigerator. Yes, I dusted the top of the fridge on the weekend but never did get back to wipe off the cat prints Ray left behind.

Meanwhile, Jet hopped on my lap for a morning snuggle. This is not his most attractive angle but this view enhances the differences between our nearly identical black cats. There is definitely a difference in their nose, eyes and the way they hold their ears. 

The cupboard door was left open a little longer than usual and when I looked up, Ray was peeking through and enjoying this new vantage point from atop the fridge (our cupboards are missing a side, so are open for cats to crawl into them via the top of the fridge - no open food is stored there).

Due to the fact that these guys do wake up when I eventually crawl out of bed, cat naps are definitely in order by the afternoon. This was the sight in our living room one afternoon during nap time (could this be a residual effect of the quiet time I enforced during our daycare days?).

Jet is down for the count (his head is often near or on the pillow but he must have woke for a moment and done a semi circle turn in order to sleep on his other side).

Ray sleeps with one ear open but decided to "fake sleep" it for this picture (either that, or I just kept snapping pictures until I eventually got him when he blinked - it could be either, or).

Well, I wrote this post with pictures and captions and I still have nothing important to say. I suppose I should have spent this time studying for the exam I'm taking in two days. 

There is nothing like an exam to help me hone the fine art of procrastination. Maybe that's why there is no room for any other thoughts in my head. It is too full of the facts I'm trying to absorb for my upcoming test. Yes, that must be it. I will go with that. But if I don't return for a few days, you will know why. I will be busy studying. Either that, or I will discover it is the perfect time to clean the paw prints off the fridge top. It could be either, or.

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