Wednesday, August 28, 2013

And How is Your Morning Going?

Here is a glimpse at my day so far ...

I talked with our cat's vet this morning and we decided that the best way to continue his treatment of antibiotics was to give him a shot which will give him a two week dose of antibiotics without having to force a pill down his throat every twelve hours. 

The dilemma? I could only get him to the vet's office during my daycare hours. The solution? This:

Does this spell Crazy Cat Lady to the average man on the street or what?!?

We were literally a minute or two from home when I got a call from my Second Son. The Fence Crew (once again) showed up after I left the house (once again) after 10:00 this morning. I had asked my son to talk to them on my behalf because when I did try to voice my concerns-to-date yesterday, she talked over me and didn't listen. My son is forceful, yet diplomatic and communicates clearly. I felt fine in leaving this in his capable hands (even though he told me that I should be with him when he spoke on my behalf because this was my fence and my business deal - not his).

Long story short? This is now our fence is in its completed form. The Fence Crew walked off the job. And this is our new reality:

There are two sides to every story. I don't know that this story would have ended any differently if I had been present from the onset. But the end result was the absolutely disrespectful way that virtual strangers were speaking about my son, directly to my face. I gently reminded them that "You are talking about my son here ..." The response (unfazed and with no attempt to withhold themselves), "Well he's a jerk ...". 

I did my best to try to talk with them and hear their answers. But once again, they spoke 'over' my questions and answered little to none of my concerns.

Not good for business, people. Not good for business.

The end of this story will be fine. My son has told me that he will build the fence. It is my hope that they are fair and expedient in dealing with how we will handle the deposit that they received. My overall out-of-pocket expenses that I have budgeted for will remain the same. With any profit going in my son's pocket. 

I hope this ends well.

It is only noon. And how is your day going? 

P.S. (12:40 p.m.) - As if the day couldn't get any better, I found this little critter crawling on the floor at the foot of my bed a few minutes ago (which, when magnified, has some similarities to a bed bug):

This is not helping me deal with the paranoia that I am fighting in regards to our home's exposure to bed bugs. At all. An SOS email to my friendly neighborhood exterminator has been sent. Awaiting an answer...

Update to bed bug email. This was the response, "Looks like a weevil or small beetle". I'll take this one as a 'win'.

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