Thursday, August 22, 2013

He's Baaaack (I think)

Our Senior Cat is half-way through his two weeks of medication to treat his pneumonia. It is hard to know what changes within him were due to his health verses that of simply aging. But he is showing definite signs of improvement. This medication just may be working ...

He has always loved going outside. Always! We have to tether him because he likes to roam. He plays along with this whole harness and leash thing because it means he can be outside.

Yesterday? He hunted dragonflies (I should have video taped him - his 'hunt mode' doesn't translate well with a still shot).

Then he went and hid in the peony bush. We have a huge, overgrown peony 'tree' in the front yard (where he loves to hide) and we have this new peony 'twig' in the back yard. We think that he recognized the smell because he was quite determined to hide here. 

Then he found it. A cat's paradise. We trimmed down our lilac bush this year and these are all of the suckers that have grown up in the month since. Can you find our kitty in there? Honestly ... this is the best desktop background that has ever been on our computer. I think it is here to stay. 

By the way our little black kitty appears to be bouncing back, I think he is going to stick around a while longer too.

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