Saturday, August 17, 2013

Time to Shift the Tides

I have stepped back from my Book Project since I locked myself in a room with it over my holidays.

The minute I opened the door to my seclusion, Life and all its glory was waiting for me. A person doesn't realize what a difference it makes to putter away at those endless supply of little things until you stop puttering.

Then there was the get-away portion of my vacation. Perfection in every way but (again) you come home to a home that is begging for attention.

Back-to-work was easy. But all consuming. I gave myself to my daycare world and at the end of my days I simply revelled in the quiet. Again.

Life has a way of filling up the cracks of one's day. To do anything above and beyond that-which-must-be-done you really must make a renovation to your life to make the room.

I live a quiet little life of simplicity. I enjoy the nothingness that encapsulates my days. It gives me the energy to deal with the little things that crop up in a week (like bed bugs and our cat's pneumonia to name a few).

I'm not saying that this past week derailed me. It didn't. But if I had my life scheduled down to the minute (I have done this and it did not make for a most pleasant 'me'), anything above and beyond would have been too much.

I know that I fritter a lot of my time away on mindless and useless things. I need to replace the mindless frittering and replace it with mindful book-editing. It will take no more energy and it will reap much greater rewards.

Today is the day I plan to shift the tides.

I am meeting up with four of my dad's brothers this afternoon. We are collecting stories and memories for their personal chapter in The Book. I suspect that I will come home with a completely renewed sense of gusto that will push me through and make things (start to) happen.

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