Sunday, January 5, 2014

A Bonus Day!

There is something to be said for living in the frigid zone and enduring a Saskatchewan winter. Every once in a while, something good comes of a -50 degree day ...

My very kind boss called me this morning (as soon as she heard how cold it was outside) and insisted that I NOT come into work today.

My insides were partying when she broke the news to me. "I get to spend my last day of holidays ... at home!! YEE HAW!!!" All I could manage to say without giving away my inner-party-state was, "Are you sure??"

The best part of this equation is that I did all-that-I-had-to-do yesterday. The house is de-Christmased, de-cluttered, re-daycared and raring to go for the onset of the return of my Daycare Dayz tomorrow. I am ready. All I have to do is show up (aka: stay home!) and my holiday will be over. Tomorrow!

I ran the errands that needed to be run. Yesterday. Groceries are bought and I have supplies to get us through the week.

I finished making one last Christmas gift last night. I know. It is January 5th and I am still not quite ready for Christmas. This gift was for one of my Daycare Family and her last day before Christmas was unexpectedly one day earlier than originally anticipated. So her gift was not ready. Now it is.

Tax preparations are under way. I have written up receipts for my daycare income for the 2013 taxation year.

Late last night, I sat down with my 'year end' numbers and I have taken a preliminary run through for my 2013 income tax (I may be late on Christmas but I'm early for the tax season). Spoiler alert: according to my numbers, it is no wonder that I dug myself into debt last year. All things considered (and there is a lot to consider) we came out of 2013 rather (financially) unscathed.

Apparently, the very first thing that I did was waste the first hour that was at my disposal. I have been playing around with income tax, budget and financial planning in between the paragraphs of this blog post.

The very next thing that I am going to do is to cook a bacon & egg breakfast. I cannot remember the last time that I cooked breakfast. It has been years.

I should get at my writing assignments and get that task tended to. Submitting articles for the publications that I write for is one of my most daunting tasks. What am I brave enough to submit for the 'real world' to read? I need to be in a 'high confidence' mood when I make those submissions. Today could be the day ...

I have a friend (that lives two time zones away) that has been trying to call me for a while. Originally, she had planned to call me this afternoon but I told her that I was working. She may or may not be able to call me now that my afternoon has been cleared. That would be a fun way to spend an hour or so ...

I should write a letter to my mom. We have went a record amount of time without talking (since her visit here last week) so I may have enough stories to fill a letter. Or not. I have really not done much to write about (but that has never stopped me before).

My head is running in about thirty different directions. What to do? Where do I begin?? Then what???

This is a bonus day in every way. The best way to spend it is to wrap up this post about nothing and make us some breakfast.

May you find a little unexpected 'bonus' within the day that you were anticipating today.

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