Friday, January 17, 2014

Skin Care 101

Please consider this post a 'public service announcement'. I am simply sharing a neat little trick that worked for me. Some gifts are best shared (you may wish to stop reading now, if you really don't care about silky soft skin).

I have stumbled across (what I believe to be) the world's best skin care secret - simply by changing a diaper.

My new one-year-old daycare child has the softest skin of any baby that I have ever changed. Last week, I finally remembered to ask what kind of lotion they used. They told me their secret:

Aveeno Baby Lotion (Lavender and Vanilla) is what they use for an over-all body lotion. If she has a dry patch of skin they use Penaten diaper cream. They have found the combination has resulted in a silky soft baby.

I ran out that very night and picked up some of the lotion (I already had the diaper cream on hand). I started using this combo on my feet the very next morning and I applied the lotion to my hands and body and revelled in the very light fragrance and instant benefits of this non-oily product.

I noticed an immediate difference on my feet but I wanted to see what happened with continued use.

Each and every morning (after my bath), I applied the diaper cream to the callouses on my feet and then applied lotion to my feet/legs. 

There was a noticeable difference the very first day. My feet were soft and my calloused areas were softer. I did absolutely nothing else but apply this cream/lotion for the days that followed and the heels of my feet and bunion areas (which were as hard as shoe leather) are starting to heal. If things keep going at this rate, I will have baby-soft feet in no time flat!

I am the world's laziest person when it comes to foot care. I have callouses upon callouses and the summer wreaks havoc on my (already) neglected feet. The only thing that I do, is apply lotion each and every morning throughout the winter (when I am wearing socks to alleviate walking around the house on 'lotioned' feet). 

The unexpected side benefit that I have found is that my hands are also silky smooth. The layer of Penaten (left over, from applying it to my feet) has helped with my chronically dry hands. I wash my hands about a bazillion times a day (diaper changes, runny noses, preparing food, bathroom-assistance, etc, etc, etc). My hands were like sand paper just before the Christmas break. I am beyond thrilled to have found something so simple that works so well.
My new beauty regimen
It isn't rocket science, but I find that it is the little things in life that make the biggest difference. This is just a little tip that worked for me. 

I will resume with my regularly scheduled blogging next time.

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