Friday, April 25, 2014

Only Eight More Months Until Christmas

I woke up this morning, then peeked out of the window. 

Now that the sun is awake before I am, I enjoy looking for it in the morning. It has been so dreary the past few days, I was looking for blue sky.

I felt myself gasp for air when this what I found instead:
My first thought? I am glad that I bought more socks

In more news that Really Doesn't Matter, I started the fall/winter season with a supply of socks. I wore through the first set (usually about six pair at a time) in November when I stocked up on yet another set of new socks. Which had to be replaced in January, which in turn were all holey by April.

Does this mean that I put on a lot of miles? Or do I buy cheap socks?

Not much more to add to those deep and provocative thoughts so I thought I would add one more snowy picture:
I wonder if Junior cat is thinking about his footwear. Or is he simply grateful for the fact that he is a 100% indoor and thoroughly loved cat. I don't think he is worried about keeping his paws warm.

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