Monday, January 5, 2009

Back to My Regular Life

I get swept up in holiday mode and I have become very, very good at doing nothing! It's a good thing that necessity requires that I get back to work because I could sure become accustomed to the laid back pace of holiday time.

What is it about time ... if you have too much of it, you accomplish less than if you are racing against the clock? I moved at holiday speed throughout my vacation time. I got up around the same time, but moved slower. I had less pressure to get things done, so I did the minimum required to get through my day. I had entire days without a defined schedule, and I wasted them.

I normally get my house 'day-care-ready' the day before I return from holidays. Yesterday I thought "Why waste my time and energy ... I'll do it when it has to be done ... and it will still get done in the end." I puttered around this morning, putting my house back in kid-mode. And it didn't take all that long (and I got to laze around an extra hour yesterday).

I was in absolutely no hurry to pack away our Christmas lights/decorations this year. I felt cheated out of 5 days of my Christmas lights (since I went away for 5 days), so I kept the lights on and decorations up. Until this morning. Back to kids, back to work meant back to my regular (unadorned and unlit) life. It was time. I'm glad I didn't rush the process though. I thoroughly enjoyed the lights of the Christmas season.

I'm not leaping for joy, to have my holidays behind me. Nor am I waking up dreading the day and responsibilities ahead. I guess that is good. I'm glad that I have the job that I do. I can ease back out of holiday mode and still enjoy the comfort of my home and a pretty good routine that we all fall back into after a break from our regular life.

Be it ever so humble ... this is a very good life.

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