Sunday, January 4, 2009

New Horizons

The view from a plane gives one a different perspective on the bustling life below ...

I couldn't stop being amazed by the view from above. I was amazed with this new vantage point. In the clouds, above the clouds, looking down from a clear sky to the manicured life that man has created and the natural landscape of the Great Lakes and treed areas.

In the daylight, you could see the natural wonders. In the darkness, you could see the man made wonders. The city lights, the surrounding urban areas brightly lit, with street lights marking the way. The country lights, more solitary but never alone. There was always another light in the vicinity. We are never alone no matter where we live.

As you gaze into the horizon, what do you see? The pathes you've travelled? The roads yet untaken?

Mom mentioned a sculpture that she had seen when she was on an Eastern Canada holiday years ago. It was called 'A Room at the Top'. The theme of this art was that we spend our lives striving to get to the top. Working hard, looking ahead, achieving goals. And when you finally get there, where are you? You are alone in this 'room at the top'. Your life wasn't about achieving goals, it was about the journey along the way.

I like to think of this plane ride as a glimpse of the view from that room at the top. I'm not there. I hope I never achieve the lonely place 'at the top'. I want my dreams to be endless, my goals to change along the way. I want to have a vision of where I want my life to lead, but I don't want to lose the art of living along the way. It is all about the memories along the journey.

I know that I need to have dreams to feel alive. When I stop dreaming forever, I would like to feel like I was enjoying the view from that 'room at the top' and looking back on my life, the detours along the way, the people who impacted my life and to know that I enjoyed the trip.

The sunrise (taken from the plane) on the first leg of my vacation. A new day, new hope, a wonder to behold.

Another in-flight view of the sunset as were homeward bound. The sun set on that day, but a new one was on the horizon.

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