Friday, November 30, 2012

Don't Worry ... Be Happy

It was a hit song in the late 1980's. The message is so simple. But the follow through is hard.

Don't worry.

I have managed to turn off my worry button for much of what is out of my control. There are so many wait and see scenarios that a person must endure in life. You simply cannot foresee or prevent everything that life throws your way. So it is logically a good idea to hand over the big stuff to 'the powers that be' ... if you can. "What will be ... will be", as Doris Day would sing.

It is easier to divvy up the problems worth worrying over, when you sit down and think about what you can do to prevent a situation from running amok. If I take 'that which I have control over' and either deal with it or else choose not to do anything ... I feel a little more powerful.

Yesterday morning, I woke up with a handful of worries on my mind. I thought there were three concerns on my mind. This morning, I can only remember two. See how wasteful it can be to worry?? We often forget what yesterday's troubles were ...

I made a conscious decision to 'do what was within my power'. I wasn't met with a lot of success. In fact, a door was quite literally closed in my face. But to say and do nothing? It makes mountains out of molehills. It is better to have spoken and failed than to have never spoken at all ...

My other concern is of a financial nature. I sat down and studied where I am' On the "You are here" map of life ... I think I am on a lifeboat out at sea. I'm not drowning. But if I spring a leak in my raft right now, it won't be good.

Every single time, I take responsibility for my financial actions and take the reins to steer myself towards a distant shore ... things have a way of working themselves out. Yesterday I drew the map of 'where I am'. Today I need to find a route to get to where I need to be. Once I get my feet firmly planted on solid ground, I will look ahead to where I want to go. In fact ... I think I will include that destination in my plan.

It is vital to look towards the horizon. Look where you want to go and 'steer into the skid'.

I don't expect a quick and simple resolution. I have hope. But I need to regain my footing so that I can let go of the worry.

When the worry dissipates ... the happy falls lightly on your shoulder.

Be happy.

I am happy underneath the worry. I can feel an inner contentment knowing that I am where I am meant to be right now. I just have to keep on swimming towards the shore. Me and seasickness don't see eye to eye.

Don't worry ... be happy. Easier said than done. Just take a little piece of your worries and try to whittle away at them.

One small step in a forward direction will take you one step closer to your destination.

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