Saturday, November 3, 2012


We woke up to a full fledged winter morning yesterday ...

Initially, I wandered outside to check to see if my flyers had arrived. The thought of delivering them on a mild, snowy, winter day sounded like a good one.

The flyers weren't there, but I just had to take a picture of our dark, snowy morning. So I wandered back into the house, put on my winter boots and snapped a few photos. Then I grabbed the shovel ...

I was wearing my pj's, a sweater and my Sorel winter boots. And I was warm enough to continue shovelling for a good half hour. My Son came and joined me and soon our home looked like this:

What a beautiful, peaceful and enjoyable winter morning ...

We have been making the most of our winter thus far. It is kind of fun to have an excuse to go out and make a snowman. My Youngest said that coming home to our chubby cheeked little Frosty the snowman after a day at school just made him feel happy inside.

Obviously, this picture was taken before our recent snowstorm. This is now what Frosty looks like:

My Second Son went out and bought a snow blower yesterday afternoon. I wish that I could have captured the expression on his face when he proudly walked past the living room window and caught my eye. Suddenly he was 10 years old again, with an expression that said, "Look at me, Mom!! See how much I love my new toy?!?!"

Yes, winter has arrived in Our Fair City. I love that we were eased so gently into this season that can be so beautiful ...

Was I happy to be safe, snug and warm inside of my home for the day instead of out there battling icy streets and new winter driving conditions?? You betcha!!

Winter is ever-so-much-more enjoyable right in our own back yard ... can I say it again?? I am so happy to be working from home!

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