Friday, November 8, 2013

Wish List For the Weekend

A long weekend is looming and as of this moment in time ... I have committed myself to absolutely nothing. And it feels great.

The weekend is an empty slate and I'm loving this feeling of freedom as I add and erase the possibilities of what this weekend could bring.

My wish list (in no particular order, but perhaps dwelling a little heavily on me-time):
  • Have a 'cat day'. A day where I find a sun beam, a book, a good movie and a cup of coffee. A day to doze in and out of consciousness. A day to grab a blanket and pull my head under the covers from time to time.
  • Indulge myself in an out-of-home-experience that does not involve picking up milk, groceries, getting gas, changing oil or picking up a shovel. I would love to follow where ever the road takes me and simply do little things that make me happy. Find a coffee companion. See a movie on a whim. Just a day to follow where the wind blows.
  • Tend to some minor maintenance and organization and cleaning issues that are staring me down every single day. The two-way tape that is holding down the mats at the front door is lifting. The spare bedroom is accumulating clutter and the bed has become my newest storage area. This house needs to be scrubbed from top to bottom. And I have no idea where to start. Maybe I'll start with a 'cat day' ...
  • Meet up with some friends. There never seems to be time. We have been talking about doing something all summer. Then the summer got busy. So we said "September ...". But September passed by in a blur. October came and went. Now we are saying "This weekend". It will happen. And it will be good. Because we have waited so long for this. Waited for a time when we have the time to savor a relaxing and fun meeting of the minds.
  • Take my Youngest Son to a movie. Let him drive us there and back. Do whatever the day allows us to do. Act as though we have all the time in the world ...
  • Absorb the quiet of the morning and go where ever my fingers take me. I am so very tired of writing like I have a deadline. Which I do. Because whatever doesn't get written before 7:30 a.m., tends not to be written at all. I simply want to see where a relaxed morning will take me. The sad part is ... I think that it is going to take me right into the 'cat day' that I so long to have.
No. I don't see 'work' anywhere on this list. I should work one day. She needs me to work a minimum of one day. I cannot offer more than a day. But I should work one day out of three. One day of work out of an entire long weekend equals two days off. A weekend. I haven't had a weekend off since Thanksgiving ...

I don't want to start a list because once I start, I will feel limited as to what I can actually accomplish. I need to feel like this weekend is open to all possibilities. So I am going to start with 'nothing' and see where it takes me.

Happy Friday! It feels very good to actually anticipate a weekend. I'm off to enjoy this anticipation mode for as long as it lasts ...

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