Saturday, January 4, 2014

Returning to Life as I Knew It

I cleaned up Christmas today.

I had no desire to lose the decorations of the season. The lights make me happy. The angels that I have collected over the years make me feel safe and protected. The decorations remind me of the many gifts that I have received from all walks of my life throughout the years. The cards and letters that I received make me feel like a vital part of my world.

There have been years when I have wanted to erase Christmas with a grand flourish and I have cleared the clutter as early as Boxing Day. Perhaps those were the years that were wrapped in disappointment.

This Christmas season was sprinkled with memorable moments. The flurry of mail made my day. Day after day after day.

I really have no burning desire to return to reality. But I must.

The halls have been un-decked. The daycare paraphernalia has been brought out and is back in place for the onset of my Daycare Days on Monday. I must return to my bookkeeping job tomorrow. I have writing deadlines looming.

I am so grateful for my holidays this year. Eleven days. The days had purpose and meaning. I had time to catch my breath and simply 'inhale'.

What I would give for just one more day but I know that I will be glad to get back in the swing of things once I start. It  is always nice for life to return back to 'normal'.

I am very fortunate to be returning to life as I knew it before this season started. There are many who are not so lucky.

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